From the first, the collaboration between Juan Diego Valera (visiting artist) and Byron Mármol (artist in residence) involved a series of interesting challenges. Each artist has a totally different attitude towards photography. On the one hand the intimist approach, spontaneous and direct, of Valera, which allows the spectator to delve into the photographed environment. And on the other, the painstaking, almost painterly process with which Mármol composes each of his images before photographing them.
With each one understanding and respecting the processes of the other, a series of discussions took place into how the collaboration ought to be addressed. The proposals that emerged were many, and included the possibility of a private retreat on the part of the two photographers, in which the subjects to be photographed were invited to visit or to live with them. The exercise would reflect the collective private retreat experienced today in Guatemala due to the crime rate, and would seek to fight against the new dynamic of privacy and psychosis resulting from this context.

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